• 07 Aug 2008 /  Gunjur

    Phew.. After so much of talking about it, the project day happened last saturday.. It was a grand success in terms of working with the Kids, getting them excited and keeping them excited.. Its actually unbelievable, the kind of events that took place that day..

    The team for that day, Yasmin, Ryan, Sandesh, Sanjana. Shalini, Sabbah, Mukthi and I met at Utsav hotel, Koramangala at about 7:15 AM.. I went out and got a copy of Bangalore Mirror and found an article about this project in it.. Mukthi somehow managed to get us a minibus for transport and which I didnt know.. For us, any form of help at any time is taken.. And I thought that getting us a bus was really really nice.. We headed out towards Gunjur.. As per plan we reached there at about 8:30..

    We got out of the bus and what a SIGHT!! The school ground was filled with the High School Kids.. They were out and ready to go out there with us and plant trees.. But that was not the plan.. They had painted out posters, made banners and sign boards dipicting some of the stuff that we had talked about on the presentation day.. This initiative taken by the school was really nice.. That was not all.. There was a marching band standing there.. Soonafter we met the teachers and Kumar, ther Kids got up and Began to March.. Our assumption was that they were going to the planting site.. To our surprise, the School had organised a March thru the streets of Gunjur to let the people know about the initiative the Kids had taken for themselves “Marige Mare”.. It didnt look like a forced upon event for the kids as they put their lungs out screaming slogans and letting everyone know about it.. We could hear a very synchronous “Hasire Usiru, Usire hasiru” and “Manegondu Mara, Oorigondu Hola”.. We headed back to the school in a little while..

    The plan now was to take the children in batches of 30 to plant trees.. As we took the first batch, Janet(from TreesForFree)’s guests from B.B.M.P were there at the planting site.. B.B.M.P came forward in supporting this project by providing tree shelters for all the trees being planted.. This kind of a move is very very positive in terms of the impact it has on people about their judgements against the B.B.M.P.. This move, according to me, must be applauded and appreciated to the fullest.. Soon enough, the dignetories spoke words of encouragement and we were off getting our hands dirty.. The Tree planting with the Kids went on till about their lunch time.. With three batches of Kids planting the trees, a road with about 156 trees was covered in a matter of an hour and half..

    The activity that day consisted of planting 800 trees for which there were several other volunteers from different organisations, from TreesForFree etc.. I , on behalf of MarigeMara, would like to thank them in their efforts and for letting us have a GREAT time that day.. We also like to thank our sponsors for sharing our vision and coming forward to help us..

    For All The Pictures Of The Day , You can Follow the Picture Stream Here
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    We welcome anyone and everyone to Join us in this project and help us out.. :-)

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  • 30 Jul 2008 /  Gunjur

    Hello Wolrd!

    We’re going ahead with the Tree Planting project this Saturday at Gunjur Government Primary, Middle and High School, Gunjur.. “Trees for Free” is providing us with the saplings for the same.. The project is funded by employees of Stoke Networks and family members.. We’re looking for volunteers for the same.. There will be a lot of Crowd Control(No No, This is not a concert – We need to monitor the children from the school).. If you think you can keep yourself free and come and help us out, contact Ryan – 9945512578 or Me(Jay) – 9740369732 and confirm..

    We’d like to thank Ashim Roy, Lakshmi Sankaran and Members of My Family for coming forward and supporting us..

    Thank You Guys! :-)

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